Monday, 2 May 2011

Sow Pawpaw seeds in 9 newspaper pots & 5 plastic pots

Bought a pawpaw from a shop. Washed the seeds and then waited for for several days to let them get a bit dried. Then sowed.

Seeds germinate in 2-3 weeks.
When 2 or 3 true leaves have formed, seedlings should be transplanted, spacing them 5-7.5 cm apart in seedbed. When plants are 7.5-10 m tall, they can be set in their permanent places in the field.

In selecting plants for field planting, the more vigorous growing plants are usually the males and may be safely discarded except for a few. By planting 2 or 3 plants in a hill, there is a chance for further selection and elimination of excessive males when first flowers appear, about one male plant to each 25 or so females is sufficient.

Transplants must be watered and shaded. Mulch gives much better results than clean culture, keeping down weeds, preserving moisture, shading the soil from hot summer sun, and preventing the burning out of humus and nitrates in the top soil layer.

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  1. Oh lovely, what kind of paw paw have you planted? Paw paws pop up everywhere in my garden, and I do nothing for them, they just grow. Isn't it funny how some things you take lots of care and trouble over, and others you just leave them and they do their own thing perfectly regardless.