Saturday, 30 April 2011

two-week update after the first transplanting

Garlic seems great.
Beans are climbing.
five pots of strawberry plants
 the English spinach
 The choko seems coming back again.

Sow more garlic & spring onion

See all plants that I sowed in the same time, that the garlic sprouts are fast growing.
Then I decided to plant more. This time is only for garlic sprouts.
Put them in a dark room where is under the stairs.
Hope they'll quickly grow yellow sprouts
that I can take them to the kitchen.

One of the best companions of garlic is lettuce.
So I planted some of the garlic in the lettuce pot.
There were some of spring onion seeds left. Planted them in the two pots.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Raining again & turn the chokoes around, sow mung beans and peas

Raining again. Worrying about the plants that got too much rain and not enough sunshine.
Bought 2 bags of potting mix soil at Sam's House for $3.29 and one bag of mulch.

Read articles about gardening in a TAFE library and found the books were helpful.
When I got home, turned the chokos around.
According to the book, below should be the correct way of sowing it.
 Soaked mung beans and 60 pea seeds. Planted today. The blue container were sowed in 60 pea seeds.
The rest of all were mung beans.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Planting choko, peanuts, potato

Disappointedly, the chokoes seem dying. The two were transplanted into soil a week ago  Perhaps too much rain recent days in Brisbane?

Bought the 4 from a shop for $2. Not fresh.
Planted, watered and covered.

Peanuts from shop. Soaked. Buried them in soil.

 Potato cutted. All with eyes. Buried them in the two pots. Watered.

Thursday, 21 April 2011


1) looks like pain in every part of my body after working in garden - not work too much, or work done in one day;
2) read information first before sowing, be careful of 'compatible with', 'avoid growing with'

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

transfer seedlings of Zucchini, Okra & sow seeds of red onion, beetroot & spinach

Sowed a couple of weeks ago. Zuccini and Okra were first coming out.
 Dig strawberry plants out of the ground.

 The first two rows are Zucchini seedlings. The far ones are Okra.
 Get rid of another strawberry plants.
 Sowing red onion in one row, beetroot in one row, spinach in three rows.

Sow seeds on 6th & 11st April

Some of the seeds
 2nd's bitter melon but none came out. 3rd's blue seed and celery?
 bitter melon seeds
 The seeds were from chili in long narrow shape with green colour. Disappeared in the pot.

 might be lettuce?

 The three below were sowed in the same time. The far side is carrot. Hasn't come out yet. The middle seems bigger than others and they are cauliflowers. The nearest ones are white turnip.