Tuesday, 19 April 2011

strawberry plants & passionfruit plants

Bought 2 or 3 strawberry seedlings the year before last year. Didn't look after them. The runners went to everywhere and gradually took over my garden while there were not many strawberries coming out.

Worked for two days to get rid of older ones and the new small ones were transplanted into the pots so that I can pick up strawberries easier than before. Hope get more fruit this year by looking after them well. 
A few were left.
 Below were sent to a corner of my yard.
This year between February and March, got many passion fruits. My husband's been searching them all the times to eat them with ice-cream. I got some and ate it on the spots . The plants are still growing and the productivity is amasing. I cut some of the peaks and hope them grow more branches.

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