Monday, 25 April 2011

Planting choko, peanuts, potato

Disappointedly, the chokoes seem dying. The two were transplanted into soil a week ago  Perhaps too much rain recent days in Brisbane?

Bought the 4 from a shop for $2. Not fresh.
Planted, watered and covered.

Peanuts from shop. Soaked. Buried them in soil.

 Potato cutted. All with eyes. Buried them in the two pots. Watered.


  1. Shame about your choko, They will probably come back though, I think they are quite a hearty vine. Mine seem to be growing great(still in my pots though) might be a different story when I get around to transplanting them! I have never covered them before either, what does the covering do for them?
    The new old ones you got seem to have a good start on them already. Good luck. :)

  2. I still have not tasted a choko... what do you use them for? Sorry that yours are dying, my mum says just pull things out and stick new things in when veggies don't flourish :)


  3. Hi GJ. You're exactly right. My choko seems coming back.

  4. Ali, I didn't have choko before until the day when I bought a few at a shop at the beginning of the month. I ate it straight away after washing and it tasted so fresh and juicy. That's when I became interested in the choko. THere are lots of recipes on the internet. I'll try some of those in a later time.

  5. I thought they should have been planted beginning of summer - my aunt grows them and the rain has made them go crazy - she and the rest of the family use them as cooked veg with roast and in chutney/ relish things. never been a fan but i do like the look of them.