Tuesday, 19 April 2011

choko plants & zucchini lebanese? pumpkin plant?

Bought choko fruits from a shop and discovered there were sprouts on them. Found some planting information on the Internet.  Then wrapped them with newspapers.
 The biggest plant in the pot might be Zucchini lebanese or pumpkin plant.  I sowed some blue seeds in the pot weeks ago but only the one came out. I'm going to move it to a new tiny garden.

 Together with the two plants in the first black pot. They might be the same sort of plants. Couldn't recall it. We will see.
 This is a new tiny garden. Dig out the grass. Mix the soil with 'Garden Soil'.
 Pour water in.
 Place the choko fruits half in the soil.
 We will see what the three turn up to be.

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